Rainan Lowrey, 19, was in his apartment overlooking the parade route in Highland Park, Illinois on Monday when he heard gunshots. Lowrey said he didn’t realize it was gunfire at first and thought the noise was from fireworks.

“I saw everyone looking confused and then running in terror,” he told CNN. “I’m a photographer and videographer, so my instinct was to record.”

In video recorded by Lowrey, gunshots can be heard immediately and people can be seen fleeing the scene. The video continues with more gunshot sounds – for nearly 20 seconds in the one-minute video – and people can be heard screaming.

After completing his check-in, Lowrey said he went downstairs and, along with other neighbors, let people into the lobby of the building to safety.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it,” he said. “You don’t expect something like this to happen.”

He said police then searched his apartment building and he shared the video he recorded with authorities.

See the video:

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