NEW DELHI: The International Cricket Council (ICC) will hold an online auction for its media rights sale only if bidders quote an identical amount in the first round, industry sources told PTI on Friday.
Whereas Viacom18who recently won the digital rights to IPL India with a record bid of Rs 23,578 crore via an online auction, has reportedly sought clarification on some aspects from the governing body, the ICC will stick to its plan initial – sealed bids for the first round and e-bids for the second round only in case of a tie.
Indeed, the ICC on Friday sent multiple clarifications to interested parties on the bidding process to be held in August for the round beginning in 2024.
“The ICC always receives multiple questions about the bidding process and this is nothing new for the global body.
“Clarifications have been sent to potential bidders on a range of things because there is a specific time for clarification. Bids will run exactly as previously stated. Sealed deals are considered standard practice to get the best price for members,” an industry source familiar with the development. said PTI on condition of anonymity.
We learn that the ICC has always planned electronic auctions, but only if there is a second round with initial offers having companies quoting a similar amount.
“If it goes to the second round, it will be an online auction, a direct shootout if there are two similar bids and we need a clear winner,” the source said.
ICC offers three packages: Package A is TV rights, ‘B’ is digital rights and ‘C’ is TV and digital rights combined. Packages include multiple women U-19 T20 World Cups.
In the male category, there are two specific durations — four years and eight years.
Tenders must be submitted for a period of four years, but tenderers may also optionally tender for a period of eight years. For women, it is for a four-year term.
“For the first time ever, men’s and women’s rights will be sold separately, and potential partners can bid for 16 men’s events (over 8 years) and six women’s events (over 4 years), totaling 362 and 103 matches respectively.” , said the ICC. said in a statement.
Apart from these 465 matches, there are additional matches in the men’s and women’s U-19 category.
The ITT is aimed at the Indian market only, with up to six packages available on TV only, digital only or a combination of both.

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