WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. mainstream media praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday for telling Russian President Vladimir Putin that now was not the time for war in Ukraine. The Modi-Putin conversation in Samarkand was widely covered by major US media.
“Modi rebukes Cheese fries about the war in Ukraine,” the Washington Post reported in a headline. “In an astonishing public rebuke, Modi told Putin, ‘Today’s era is not an era of war, and I told you about it on the phone,'” he reported.
“The rare rebuke showed the 69-year-old Russian strongman was under extraordinary pressure from all sides,” the Post said.
Responding to Modi, the Russian president said: “I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, on your concerns which you constantly express. We will do our best to stop this as soon as possible. Only, unfortunately, the opposing side, the leadership of Ukraine, announced its abandonment of the negotiation process, said that it wanted to achieve its goals by military means, as they say, “on the battlefield”. Nevertheless, we will always keep you informed of what is happening there.
It was the lead article on the Washington Post and New York Times webpage. “India’s leader tells Putin this is not an era of war,” The New York Times said in its headline.
“Mr Modi’s comments came a day after Chinese President Xi Jinping – in his first face-to-face meeting with Mr Putin since the start of the invasion – struck a much more subdued tone than the President Russian and has been clear in his public comments about any mention of Ukraine,” the New York Times reported.

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