Amid mixed signals from Pakistani authorities on whether or not Islamabad wants to resume trade with India, official sources in New Delhi said the responsibility lay with Pakistan on the matter. Sources pointed to the fact that it was Pakistan that unilaterally suspended trade after India’s decision to revoke J&K’s special status. pakistani finance minister Miftah Ismail said this week that Islamabad may consider importing food from India to meet shortages resulting from floods in the country.
Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, however, linked the resumption of trade with India to the Kashmir issue. Pakistan wants to see some “concessions” from India on the Kashmir issue before taking a step towards normalizing relations. Any concessions are unlikely from India, which argues that progress in relations is only possible if Pakistan controls cross-border terrorism. On the issue of trade however, although India is not opposed to restoring trade relations, the government believes that Pakistan should take the first step. Sources also said there was no decision on sending aid to Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s foreign office said there are currently no proposals under consideration to allow the import of vegetables from India.

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