NEW DELHI: The High Commissioner of India On Saturday in Sri Lanka he criticized the Chinese ambassador in Colombo for exerting undue pressure on the troubled island nation and fueling unnecessary controversy over the recent visit of an alleged Chinese scientific research vessel to Sri Lanka.
Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Qi Zhenhong he had stated in a statement that China was delighted that Columbus had finally decided to allow the ship to dock Hambantota brings. “The external obstruction based on so-called security concerns, but without any evidence from some forces, is in fact a complete interference in the sovereignty and independence of Sri Lanka,” the statement said without directly naming India. .

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Reacting to the statement, the High Commission of India in Sri Lanka he said he had taken note of the remarks of the Chinese ambassador.
“Reflects a broader national attitude”
“His violation of basic diplomatic etiquette could be a personal trait or reflect a broader national attitude. His view of Sri Lanka’s northern neighbor could be influenced by the way his country behaves. we assure, it is very different, “the office said in a series of tweets.
In another tweet the High Commission said: “The fact that he attributed a geopolitical context to the visit of an alleged scientific research vessel is a tribute … Opacity and debt-driven agendas are now a major challenge, especially for smaller nations. Recent developments are a warning. Sri Lanka needs support, not unwanted pressure or unnecessary controversy to serve another country’s agenda. ”
The high-tech ship “Yuan Wang 5” was originally supposed to arrive at the China-operated port on 11 August, but was delayed in the absence of permission from the Sri Lankan authorities due to security concerns raised by India. She eventually docked on August 16 and then left for China on August 22.
On August 12, India rejected China’s “innuendo” that New Delhi pressured Columbus against a Chinese research visit. There were concerns in New Delhi about the possibility that the Chinese ship’s tracking systems were attempting to spy on Indian defense installations as it was on its way to the Sri Lankan port.
The Chinese ambassador said the incident was resolved correctly, which not only safeguards Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence, but once again defends international equity and justice.
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