On Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. (Ukrainian President’s Press Office)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told CNN he was grateful for the military support Ukraine received from the United States, which provided weapons with greater capability as the war dragged on, while urging the West to continue to provide military support to help Ukraine keep its fight.

“(The) United States helps Ukraine, helps a lot, but it’s not enough to win. I hope my confidence will speed up this help to Ukraine,” Zelensky said in an interview on ” CNN’s The Situation Room on Thursday. .

He added: “We want the increase in this aid – we are fighting for our land, we don’t want people from different countries fighting for our territory. But the United States is a global economy and can help us with arms and finances.

Zelensky highlighted the influence of the United States over European nations and how this can be further leveraged to support Ukraine.

“And also, the United States can influence the decisions of European countries – this is also political support. I have to be honest, some countries in Europe want a balance between Russia and Ukraine. But thanks to the help from the United States, they started to support us. So when I talk about the volume and speed of arms support, I am not appealing only (to) the United States, I am appealing to all world leaders and I say that faster aid, increased aid, will save the lives of Ukrainians and help us regain the territories occupied by Russia,” he explained.

When asked if the war could be over before the end of the year, Zelensky said: “Our country will remain united and unified. If the powerful weapons of our partners reach us in time, and if good luck and God will be on our side, we can achieve a lot before the end of the year and we can stop this war, we can stop the military part, at least, of this war.

Zelensky also reiterated his call for US President Joe Biden to visit Kyiv, saying it would send a message to Russia and the world.

“We would love to see President Biden in Ukraine. I hear he supports the idea. There are security moments that get in the way of his visit, we understand that,” Zelensky said. “I really think it would help Ukrainians. Ukrainians support (the) United States, Ukrainians’ trust in the United States is very high, as well as in the United Kingdom, Poland and the Baltic States,” he said. he declared.

Zelensky added: “So the visits of world leaders who are not just partners but real friends – they give a signal, a sign, that the United States supports Ukraine because it believes in Ukrainian victory. and are not afraid of Russia. They come despite the rockets flying. They are not afraid of Putin because the world is much bigger than a leader of one country.

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