NEW DELHI: The third national lok adalat detained across India except Delhi on Saturday resolved 81 lakh cases, including 18 pending lakh and 63 pre-litigation lakh, to the tune of over Rs 5,500 crore.
The courts, complaining of a monstrous addiction of 4.2 million cases, were saved this year from a burden of 2.2 million cases, which were resolved through three national lok adalat held under the auspices of National Legal. Services Authority led by CJI-designated UU LalitNALSA said.
Lalit, who also traveled across the country during the pandemic to popularize free legal aid to the poor with a focus on dispute resolution through lok adalats, had held extensive preparatory meetings with presidents and members of state legal services authorities (SALSA). to guide them on a broad picture to make stakeholders understand the benefits of the transaction through the inexpensive settlement process, which is integral to how lok adalats work.
A unique feature of the third NLA is the success of digital lock adalati. CJI nominee Lalit said, “Lok adalat created history in the justice dispensation system as he managed to provide an additional forum for litigants for a satisfactory and timely resolution of their disputes. There is no doubt that the lok adalats have become the gateway to justice for the disadvantaged and disadvantaged.
He said these lok adalat have been able to bridge the gap between litigants and dispute settlement institutions. “Not only do they provide an efficient substitute for seeking compensation, but they help significantly reduce the burden of courts relating to backlog and pending litigation. They made it easy for everyone to access justice, regardless of their financial situation, “she added.
The second NLA had resolved more than 95 lakh cases involving a transaction amount of Rs 9,422 crore.
The three lok adalat conducted this year cumulatively resolved more than 2.2 crore of cases, NALSA said. The NLA in Delhi could not be held on Saturday due to a dress rehearsal by the military and police for the Independence Day ceremony. NASA has scheduled it for August 21st.


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