The Duchess of Sussex says she was an ‘ugly duckling’ at school who never had anyone to sit next to at lunch.

The 41-year-old former actress also said she was “a little lonely and really shy” and had trouble fitting in.

Meghan, who traveled to Düsseldorf with Prince Harry, where the Invictus Games will be held a year from now, opened up about her early years in her latest Archetypes podcast titled The Stigma of the Singleton with Mandy Kealing.

Ms Kealing, who decided to have two children on her own without a partner, asked Meghan: ‘Weren’t you the pretty one growing up?

“No. Oh my God, no,” Meghan replied.

“What? This is new to me,” exclaimed Kealing.

Meghan continued: “Ugly duckling. Ya no…maybe not a conventional beauty, now maybe that would be considered beautiful, but massive, frizzy, curly hair and a huge gap between my teeth.

“I was the smartest forever and ever and ever and then I kind of grew up.”

She added: “I never had anyone to sit with at lunch. I was always a little lonely and very shy, and I didn’t know where I belonged.

“I thought to myself, ‘I would become the president of the multicultural club and the president of the second class and the president of this and of the French club’ and, in doing that, I had lunchtime meetings. “

Kealing said his impression of Meghan was that of “the beautiful, sexy girl with her head screwed on”.

Meghan replied: “No, it was really difficult.”

Meanwhile, she and Prince Harry have met officials and potential competitors ahead of next September’s Invictus Games.

The event was founded by the Duke to aid in the rehabilitation of ill and injured military personnel.

The couple, who live in California, smiled brightly at onlookers who had gathered at Dusseldorf Town Hall.

A ship called the MS Rhein Galaxie, on which they were to be, made a trip down the Rhine, a small German police boat slightly ahead of it.

On the upper deck were a number of Invictus competitors along with their family and friends, with the ship displaying the official flags of the games.

This year’s Invictus Games – the first in three years – took place in April in The Hague.

A film crew filming a Netflix documentary called Heart Of Invictus followed the couple and attendees to the event.

The Duchess of Sussex (centre) poses for a photo after leaving City Hall in Dusseldorf, Germany during the Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023 One Year to Go event. Picture date: Tuesday September 6, 2022 .

On Monday evening, before heading to Germany, the Duchess told young leaders around the world that “you are the future, you are the present” in his first speech in the UK since stepping back as a senior royal.

Prince Harry was also present as Megane gave a short speech at the opening ceremony of the One Young World Summit at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

The Sussexes’ presence at the ceremony was their first public appearance in the UK since the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Last week, Meghan gave another revealing interview, saying she and Prince Harry were “happy” to leave the UK because “just by existing we are upending the dynamics of the hierarchy”.

Speaking to New York Magazine The cupMeghan said the couple were ready to go anywhere in the Commonwealth to escape their life in Britain and were considering Canada, New Zealand and South Africa before actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry don’t offer them a home in California.

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