A mummified body was found in a bathtub by US police who had been called in for a home burglary.

The neighbors inside Arizona he called the emergency health services after he reported seeing a person inside in the early hours of the morning.

A Bullhead City police spokesperson told Sky News that when officers arrived, they came across a woman rummaging through the properties inside and then found the body.

Locals told them they hadn’t seen the owner, a 60-year-old woman, for about a year and thought she had moved.

Police believe the body is that of the homeowner, but are awaiting confirmation from the coroner’s office.

Christine Lee Walters was found inside the house while searching for personal belongings. Pic: Bullhead City Police Department

It’s unclear how long the body has been on the property, they said, but it was in a “natural mummified state,” which occurs when a corpse is exposed to very dry conditions that slow down typical decomposition.

A cause of death is unclear, but the coroner’s office said no wrongdoing or criminal activity is suspected, according to police.

The woman inside the house, Christine Lee Walters, 65, was arrested and charged on two counts of burglary.

Police say she too had been in the house two days earlier and removed the victim’s bags, purses and clothes in an attempt to sell her online.

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