BENGALURU: The IT industry is cracking down on the moonlight. A few days later Wipro President Rishad Premji described moonshine as “cheat – plain and simple”, Infosys sent a stern email to employees pointing out that moonshine is not allowed under the Employee Code of Conduct and any violation will result in disciplinary action which could include dismissal.
With the slogan ‘No two timesno moonlight ‘e’No double life‘, the company said employees cannot take on other positions during or outside working hours. TOI has reviewed a copy of the internal communication.

Moonshine became a concern during the pandemic when employees started working from home. There was a suspicion that employees were using the privacy afforded by remote working to simultaneously carry out projects for others. Given the extreme shortage of technological talent, the opportunities for such work had increased enormously. Recent statements from major Indian IT companies suggest that the problem has taken on significant proportions.
“At Infosys, double work is not allowed under the Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct. As clearly stated in the offer letter, you agree not to accept employment, full-time or part-time, as a director / partner / member / employee of any other organization / entity engaged in any form of business without consent. by Infosys. Consent can be granted on the basis of any term and condition that the company may deem appropriate and can be revoked at any time at the company’s discretion “, reads the company’s email.

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An email sent to Infosys did not elicit a response. But in a recent conversation TOI had with Krish Shankar, EVP and HR manager of the Infosys group, when asked about the moonshine, secondary hustle and bustle and concert workforce, he didn’t speak directly about the clear di luna, but said the company is encouraging employees to do internal gigs, if they have the time and interest to do so, beyond their normal jobs. “We have created a platform called Accelerate. When it was originally planned a few years ago, it was to keep the desks busy. But now Accelerate is being used for our internal gigs and for the past two years we have been rewarding people who do internal gigs, “he said.
The response of IT services companies to the moonlight is at odds with the way some Indian new age companies treat moonlight. Swiggy recently announced that its employees may take other jobs as long as it does not affect their productivity in the food delivery business and has been done outside of office hours. Unicorn Fintech Cred had also previously claimed to encourage its employees to undertake other projects.

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