Adil in a video of June 23 asked how it was possible that there were 33 million Hindu gods and goddesses.

AJMER: A controversial one video of another religious of Ajmer Dargah challenging the existence of Hindu gods and goddesses has gone viral on social media.
After the controversy, cleric Adil Chishty posted a video in which he made it clear that he had no intention of hurting anyone’s religious feelings.
He is the son of Sayed Sarwar Chishty, secretary of the Anjuman (cleric) committee of Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty.
Police have initiated an investigation into the video for further action.
Adil’s first video went viral on June 23 on social media asking questions to the spokesperson for the suspended BJP Nupur Sharma asking how it was possible that there were 33 million Hindu gods and goddesses.
He also commented on half-human, half-animal gods such as Ganesha and Hanuman. In this video, Adil said he learned about Hindu gods and goddesses in a book written by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor.
Once the video went viral, there were public calls for action against the defendant.
Later, Adil posted another video in which he claimed that his intention was not to hurt the religious feelings of his Hindu brothers and sisters and was simply asking questions of Nupur Sharma.
He also claimed that the video that went viral was faked and not shown in its entirety; only part of the video went viral on social media.
Adil said he regretted if someone’s religious feelings were hurt and that he apologized.
Police officials were not available to speak out about this issue, but another SP Vikas Sagwan told the media that an investigation into the viral video was underway.
Recently, a video surfaced on social media of another cleric Syed Salman Chishty threatening Nupur Sharma.
Salman Chishty is currently in prison.
Yet another video surfaced on June 17 in which, one Gohar Chishty and the other shouted provocative slogans and repeated the same threat that made the accused to behead Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur.
Gohar Chishty is still on the run.


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