Forest fires in Portugal have left 29 people injured as temperatures are expected to reach up to 45C (113F) in parts of the country from Tuesday.

On Saturday, the country recorded 125 fires, the highest number in a single day this year, with around 1,500 firefighters currently battling three large blazes.

The Portuguese government has declared a state of alert throughout the country, from Monday to Friday July 15.

Next week’s weather has raised further concerns due to high temperatures.

From Tuesday, Portugal’s weather agency is forecasting temperatures of up to 45C (113F) in the Alentejo – the region between Lisbon and the Algarve – with the rest of the country expecting temperatures in the 30°C and the 40°C.

The agency added that winds of nearly 40 mph are also expected in several areas.

Over the past month, many parts of Western Europe have been facing abnormally hot temperatures, with wildfires breaking out in countries like Spain and experts linking the abnormally hot period for Europe to change climatic.

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has canceled his trip to a United Nations meeting in New York next week.

Fires in Portugal

While a few small villages in Portugal were evacuated on Saturday, only a few houses were damaged.

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa asked the public on Twitter to avoid using fire or heavy machinery, due to the risk of further fires.

Portugal has faced multiple forest fires in recent years due to high temperatures.

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