SAMARKAND (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday slammed attempts to create a “unipolar world” and hailed China’s “balanced” approach to Ukraine when meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping in Uzbekistan.
Holding their first face-to-face talks since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, Cheese fries took a clear attack on the United States, saying, “Attempts to create a unipolar world have recently taken on an absolutely ugly shape and are totally unacceptable.”
Putin and Xi sat opposite each other at the center of two long round tables, flanked by their delegations on either side, as they met on the sidelines of a Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit (SCO) in the Uzbek city of Samarkand.
They appeared to be the only two of the roughly two dozen people in the room not wearing face masks.
“We highly appreciate the balanced position of our Chinese friends on the Ukrainian crisis,” Putin told Xi.
“We understand your concerns,” Putin said, without specifying any issues China may have raised about Ukraine.
“For our part, we adhere to the one-China principle. We condemn the provocation by the United States and its satellites in the Taiwan Strait,” Putin said.
Putin called for “global strengthening of the SCO” and said he was sure Thursday’s meeting would help “strengthen the Russian-Chinese partnership”.

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