Economic headwinds seem to hurt the Facebook parent Half. The company has reportedly sent a reminder to all managers asking them to identify and “move out of” poor performers “who are unable to get back on track.” News of the memo first appeared in The Information which cites a post on Meta’s internal bulletin board by the vice president of Remote presence and Maher Saba Engineering. As per Saba’s LinkedIn profile, she has been with Facebook for 8 years. Before this she was with Microsoft. He has been with the software giant for 15 years and nine months.

Here are the key excerpts from the letter:
* “If a direct relationship is going well or performing poorly, they are not what we need; they are letting this company down. As a manager, you cannot allow someone to be neutral or negative for Meta.”

* Saba set a Monday deadline for executives to identify employees. She instructed managers to identify employees on their team who “need support” by 5pm on Monday. It is still unclear whether this Monday is July 11 or July 18.

Recently, Chris Cox, Meta’s chief product officer, detailed the company’s financial dilemma in an internal note. The note outlined the priorities and challenges for the future of the company’s business. He also detailed key areas the social media giant plans to invest in.

“Every six months, we take stock of our product portfolio and investment plans across the company to assess how we are doing and chart the way forward. As part of this, we assess which areas require the most new incremental investments relative to their current staffing levels, then publish them as a guide for managers and leaders who employ scarce resources for the next semester.These are the areas where we see the greatest opportunities for change of perspective in the value that we can offer to people or companies, or for our business, by investing disproportionately to our current baseline, “the note reads. It is followed by the six priorities which include: Metaverse; Reels + Discovery Engine; community messaging; IA; Privacy and monetization.


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