Saera Electric Auto Private Limited (SEAPL) today inaugurated a new manufacturing facility in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, for the production of electric two-wheeled frames and frames.
The company says it will invest around Rs 25 crore in phases for the creation of the new production unit. This investment will continue to increase as production capacity increases in the near future, Saera says. At present, the Saera plant in Bhiwadi has a production capacity of 7,500 units and the production capacity is expected to grow to 50,000 units within one year.
“Our new electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Bhiwadi will further increase our growth and be a push towards making safe, clean and environmentally friendly electric two-wheelers available to the masses; in doing so, meeting the growing demand for electric mobility, ”he says Nitin KapoorCEO of Sara Electric.

Nitin Kapoor, MD Saera Electric Auto has inaugurated a new production unit in Rajasthan.

Nitin Kapoor, MD Saera Electric Auto has inaugurated a new production unit in Rajasthan

The company has already employed 50 skilled professionals to manage operations at its Bhiwadi facility and is ready to hire up to 300 as production grows. Saera Electric aims to reach 5 lakh units per month from the new production facility.
Introduced in 2011, SEAPL has its core business of assembling and manufacturing L3 category electric vehicles (electric rickshaws and electric trolley chargers) and 2W low speed electric vehicles.
Sara electric was the first company to introduce the electric rickshaw in India with its Mayuri brand, the first to receive the ICAT vehicle type approval certificate from International Center for Automotive Technology, Manesar. The company also produces famous low-speed electric scooters under the brand Yogo Bike.

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