A Puerto Rican judge has issued a restraining order against singer Ricky Martin, police said.

The order was signed on Friday after authorities drove to the singer’s neighborhood in the northern coastal town of Dorado in an attempt to serve the order, police spokesman Axel said. Valencia.

“So far the police have not been able to find him,” Valencia said.

Martin’s publicist did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

It is unclear who requested the restraining order and no further details have been released as the order was filed under Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law.

El Vocero newspaper says the order states that Martin and the other party had been in a relationship for seven months before splitting two months ago.

The report cites the order as saying the petitioner claims that Martin did not agree to the separation and was seen near the petitioner’s house at least three times.

“The petitioner fears for his safety,” El Vocero said citing the order.

Mr Valencia said the order prohibited Martin from contacting or calling the person who filed it and that a judge would decide later in a hearing whether it should stay in place or be lifted.

He also noted that the person who requested the restraining order had not contacted the police, which would have involved prosecutors determining whether there was enough evidence to press charges. Instead, he went straight to court.

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