Shah Rukh Khan proudly hoisted the Indian Tricolor in Mannat with his wife Gauri Khan and children Aryan and AbRam. However, the trolls began to criticize the star for his act of patriotism. From making religious remarks to calling his films a flop, hate dealers have been brutally unleashed on social media.

While the nation celebrated a glorious Independence Day, one of the country’s biggest players did not gain freedom from the trolls. Such nasty comments are the least one would want on such a grand occasion and ETimes firmly opposes such hatred online. Nobody’s patriotism should ever be questioned about the religion they practice.

Check out some of the nasty comments Shah Rukh Khan faced on social media and our response to them:

“Muslim ho o flag india ka laga rahay ho”

Raising the tricolor flag is a moment of pride for every Indian and patriotism has nothing to do with religion. Furthermore, India is a secular country. Devaluing a citizen’s patriotism just because a Muslim is not even the last thing to do. Also, give us a chance to enlighten you, SRK not only celebrates national holidays with pride, but also celebrates Hindu holidays like Ganpati and Diwali with equal fervor. So, leave the religious divide and embrace love!

“Yeh sat karne se Pathan aur Dunki hit nahi ho jayenge”


Do you think Shah Rukh Khan is doing this and putting on a show for his films? Isn’t it obvious that an act performed months before a movie is released is definitely not something fans would remember when “Pathaan” and “Dunki” come out? Also, labeling patriotism as a publicity stunt simply reflects your troll mentality. From our point of view, we only see a citizen of the country hoisting the flag with his family celebrating his 75th birthday
th Independence Day. There is nothing to read between the lines here, just accept it.

“Aryan ko bol drugs wale hath se Flag na touch kare”


While we respect your love for the country and our national flag, your comment linking the Aryan Khan controversy to this act only shows that you are the one living by pulling others down. He’s spent nearly a month in jail, got a clean job on the subject, and he’s trying to move on, so why not let the past be over?

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