Bipasha Basu took to social media to share one of the happiest news of her life, but it came with her share of trolling. “Jism” actress and husband Karan Singh Grover posed for an intimate photo shoot, but they didn’t know the trolls were waiting to criticize and mock. ETimes condemns such negativity, all the more so when she is puked on a mom-to-be who just needs to be pampered with good thoughts and happy vibes.

Check out some of the nasty comments Bipasha and Karan received on social media and our response to the same:

“Pregnant ho a madam aise wahiyaat tarike se photo khichwane ka kya matlab hai”

What you label as “wahiyaat” may just be an intimate way of expressing themselves for two people sharing the greatest news of their lives. If you don’t want to respect their choice, at least don’t beat them down that hard.

“43 saal ki umar me pregnant”


Motherhood is a blessing that women desire, regardless of age. Just because Bipasha Basu has chosen to experience this journey at a specific age does not mean that her love for her about to be born child will be less. Also, what would you know if the actress had taken a difficult path over the years to embrace motherhood? Instead of making her feel ashamed of her age, why not share the joy and wish her well?

“So in the end he also confirmed that she is his last wife”


First, why not congratulate the future father? Dragging her previous marriage into this moment of bliss is bad. If Karan Singh Grover doesn’t live in his past, why you? Instead, embrace some positivity and bless future parents with love!

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