Twitter went down this afternoon for at least tens of thousands of users around the world.

After about half an hour, the social network seemed to come back for some users.

Thousands of people in the UK and US have complained to web monitoring service Down Detector.

There had been 29,266 complaints as of 1.30pm UK time, and 54,994 in the US.

Users from other countries, including Mexico, Brazil, and Italy, have also reported issues.

When loading the site, the page displayed an error sign and asked users to try again.

Most reported issues were with accessing the Twitter app and website.

Twitter’s own status page did not provide any information during the outage, displaying the message “All systems operational”.

Soon after, he started coming back.

This is Twitter’s first major outage since problems in the United States in February due to a technical bug.

On October 4, 2021, FacebookInstagram and Whatsapp became unavailable for six to seven hours.

The outage was caused by the loss of IP routes to Facebook servers.

Saturday Elon Musk has pulled out of a deal to take over Twitter for $44bn (£36.5bn).

The Tesla CEO had reached a deal to buy Twitter in April, but began expressing doubts following allegations of spam accounts.

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