ATHENS: Two sailboats carrying dozens of migrants arrived on an island in southern Greece on Wednesday morning, the first having run aground on rocks. No one was reported injured or missing.
The coast guard The first sailboat, which ran aground Wednesday morning on the south coast of the island of Kythera, was carrying 97 people, including 93 from Afghanistan, three from Turkey and one from Pakistan.
Local media reported that those on board included five women and five children.
The exact number of passengers on the second boat – which arrived around noon – and their nationalities were not immediately known, the coast guard said.
It was not known when or where the two ships had departed, and whether they had traveled together or separately.
The most common sea route to European Union member Greece for asylum seekers from the Middle East, Asia and Africa has long been from Turkey to neighboring Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. .
But with Greek authorities stepping up patrols in the region and facing persistent reports of summary deportations of new arrivals to Turkey without allowing them to apply for asylum, many are now trying the much longer and longer route. dangerous directly to Italy.
The Greek authorities deny having carried out unlawful summary expulsions of asylum seekers.

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