Virat Kohli’s manager said Virat Kohli had struggled with mental health issues, but expressed disappointment that his comments about depression were being used too loosely.
“The representation of a serious condition like depression is very well understood by Virat. He spoke openly about the mental challenges of playing the sport at the highest level and he didn’t hesitate to admit them. That said, he mentioned that he only encountered mental problems at a certain stage in his career,” Virat’s agent said. Bunty Sajdeh told TOI on Thursday, Aug. 18, when a series of reports emerged about his mental health comments.

“Virat, for his part, will never feel alone when surrounded by people who love and support him. That’s where he gets his mental strength. Every top athlete has gone through mental challenges to deal with the pressures and expectations that come with the positions they hold. Depression is too big and important a term to be used in such a loose way,” said the CEO of corner stoneadded the company that manages Kohli.
A comment by Kohli drew media attention which the former captain’s team said was widely misinterpreted. “Personally, I’ve had times when even in a room full of people who support me and love me, I felt lonely, and I’m sure that’s a feeling that a lot of people can relate to. So take time for yourself and reconnect with your inner self,” Kohli was quoted by a national daily.

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