NEW DELHI: Piles of debris, shattered glass shards, ash and dust scattered everywhere – a passer-by may very well mistake it for a war-torn site.


This, however, was the spot in the Supertech Emerald Court complex in Noida’s Sector 93A, where two majestic towers once stood, nearly 100 meters high, even taller than those in Delhi. Qutub Minar (73 meters).
On the indications of the Supreme Court, Ceiano (29 floors) and Apex (32 floors) – believed to have been built in violation of multiple regulations – were demolished on Sunday at 2.30pm for “waterfall implosion” or as they say “controlled implosion”, lasting 12 seconds, making them more high to be demolished in the country.

Noida 2

Much preparation has been made to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding environment, including evacuating residents of adjacent buildings to safer locations, closing the airspace for approximately 30 minutes, and diverting surface traffic.
When blaster master Chetan Dutta pressed the button, the twin towers crumbled to the ground, creating a slight tremor in the area. After the breathtaking spectacle of modern engineering, what remained were piles of rubble, broken pillars and ash-covered ground. The vegetation around it turned gray in seconds.

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Over 3,700 kg of explosives were used in the implosion that caused the buildings to collapse.
After the “successful” demolition, Utkarsh Mehta Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering, in charge of the procedure, told PTI that no structural damage was reported to adjacent buildings even though a physical inspection of the site was underway.
Joint Commissioner of Police (law and order) I love Kumar he also said no damage to nearby buildings was reported after Supertech’s demolition. “The structural verification is in progress”.
There was, however, some minor damage to a nearby facility. The 10-meter-long boundary wall of the nearby ATS company was damaged after being hit by debris. The windows of Tower 6A of the ATS Village were also damaged.
Ritu Maheshwari, CO, Noida Authority, told ANI news agency that no damage information was received from anywhere other than ATS.
In the meantime, cleaning work has begun and the restoration of electricity and gas supplies will soon begin. ÔÇťAbout 100 tankers and 300 cleaners were deployed. The AQI is also monitored and we will release the data in a while, “Maheshwari added.

Noida fire

It should be noted that the pre- and post-demolition AQI is almost the same.

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Additionally, residents of nearby abandoned companies started returning to their homes around 7pm.

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