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Westminster Abbey in London, England is a venue for many royal events dating back nearly 1,000 years. All reigning monarchs since 1066 have had their coronations in Westminster Abbey. Despite being the site of many royal events, it is still used as a place of worship.

Westminster Abbey is also a popular tourist attraction and attracts over a million visitors each year.

The longest-serving British monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II, spent many monumental moments of her life in the church. On November 20, 1947, she married Prince Philip in the Abbey. On 2 June 1953 she had her coronation at Westminster Abbey after seeing her father being crowned in the same church when she was eleven. After her death on 8 September 2022, her funeral was held on 19 September 2022 at Westminster Abbey.


Westminster Abbey is a place where many royal events take place. The church is a very popular tourist attraction that over a million people visit every year.
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Who is buried in Westminster Abbey?

According to the Westminster Abbey website, there are 30 kings and queens who are buried in Westminster Abbey. The first to be buried there was Edward the Confessor.

Others who were buried there include Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Anne, Edward V and Richard Duke of York, Mary I, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, Mary II, William III, Edward VI, Anne Neville, Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, James I and Anne of Denmark, Edward III and Philippa of Hainault, Princess Amelia, Marie of Savoy, Queen of France, Henry (son of Henry VIII), George II and Carolina, Edward I and Eleonora of Castile , Henry III, Anne of Cleves, Charles II, Henry V and Catherine de Valois, Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, Matilda (wife of Henry I), Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia, Princess Marie of Orange, Prince Rupert of the Rhine , John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall, Prince Eugene of Savoy, Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales, Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland, William, Duke of Cumberland, Edmund, Earl of Lancaster and Aveline de Fortz.

In total, there are over 3,000 people who are buried in Westminster Abbey. Some other famous people who have been buried there are Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephan Hawking.

How old is he?

Westminster Abbey dates back nearly 1,000 years but has undergone changes over time.


The late Queen Elizabeth II had her coronation in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953.

The late Queen Elizabeth II had her coronation in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953.
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It was first built by King Edward, who later became St. Edward the Confessor in the 1940s of 1000. King Henry rebuilt the Abbey and the church was consecrated on 13 October 1269.

Another addition to the Abbey was the Lady Chapel, built by King Henry VII, begun in 1503 and completed in 1516.

What ceremonies take place there?

Westminster Abbey is the site of many royal events including weddings, coronations and funerals. In fact, every coronation that has occurred since 1066 has taken place in Westminster Abbey.

In total, there were 16 royal weddings that took place in Westminster Abbey, including when Prince William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales got married there in 2011. The late Queen Elizabeth II also got married. with her husband Philip Mountbatten at the famous church. Other weddings that took place at Westminster Abbey include King George VI, Princess Margaret and Princess Alexandra.

Prince William and Kate got married at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011 in front of millions of spectators around the world.

Prince William and Kate got married at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011 in front of millions of spectators around the world.
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Royal weddings at Westminster Abbey are nothing new and date back to Henry I who married Princess Matilda in the Abbey in 1100.

The funeral is another service held at Westminster Abbey, including the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on 19 September 2022. It was also where the funerals of Princess Diana and the Queen Mother took place.

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