Pope Francis speaks in an exclusive interview with Reuters, at the Vatican. (File photo: Reuters)

VATICAN TOWN: Pope Francis said he wanted to give women more top positions in the Holy See and revealed that for the first time he would appoint women to a previously all-male Vatican committee that would help him select the world’s bishops .
The role of women in the Vatican hierarchy was one of many ecclesiastical and international topics the 85-year-old pontiff addressed in an exclusive interview with Reuters at his Vatican residence on July 2. A new constitution for the central administration of the Holy See that came into effect last month allows any baptized Catholic, including lay men and women, to lead most Vatican departments. “I am open to giving (women) an opportunity,” he said in the part of the 90 Minutes interview devoted to the new constitution, known as Curia.
He mentioned that last year, for the first time, he appointed a woman as the number two governor of Vatican City, making Sister Raffaella Petrini the highest ranked woman in the smallest state in the world. “Two women will be appointed for the first time to the committee responsible for electing the bishops of the Congregation for Bishops“This decision, which has not been officially announced, is very important because for the first time women will have a say in the appointment of the bishops of the world, who are all men. francis did not name the women or say when their appointments would be officially announced.


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