Suspicion Attacks US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Husband “Wanted to Break Her Kneecaps” | News from the United States

The suspect who assaulted the husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told police he wanted to hold her hostage and “break her kneecaps,” according to court documents.

The United States Department of Justice accused David DePape, 42, of assault and attempted kidnapping.

According to court documents, DePape told police he would hold Ms. Pelosi hostage and speak to her.

If she told him the “truth”, he would let her go, and if he “lied” he would break her “kneecaps”.

DePape is accused of raiding the Pelosi home in San Francisco on Friday and assaulting Paul Pelosi, 82.

She confronted Mr. Pelosi while he slept in the couple’s bedroom, according to the federal affidavit filed in court on Monday.

Mr. Pelosi underwent surgery for a fractured skull and injuries to his hands and right arm, his wife’s office said. Doctors expect complete recovery.

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Biden condemns the attack on Pelosi’s husband

The announcement of the federal charges comes as the San Francisco District Attorney announces the state criminal charges against DePape.

On Friday he was arrested on charges of attempted murder, elder abuse and burglary. He is expected to be charged with state charges on Tuesday.


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