BAREILLY: The decomposed body of an unidentified man, in his thirties, was found in a locked toilet of the Janseva express bound for Amritsar in Roza station in the Shahjahanpur district of UP. The body had already traveled unnoticed for about 900 km from Bihar’s Banmankhi junction, when some passengers in the train’s general compartment started complaining about the bad smell coming from the bathroom.
Sub-Inspector Karunesh Chandra Shukla of the Government Railway Police (GRP) with other railway personnel opened the bathroom door on Sunday and found the swollen body. The train left for Amritsar after a five hour stop.
“The man was wearing a green T-shirt and a pair of blue pants. We could not find any ID on him. The information was shared with other GRP stations. The door was locked from the inside and it appears that he does not there was foul play. The autopsy report suggests that the man may have died before the train left Banmankhi. The staff who washed the train should have been more careful, “SI Shukla told TOI on Monday.

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Dr Sanjay Rai from the railway hospital said the body was at least three days old and had begun to decompose. “The man died after entering a possible coma and no physical injuries were found,” Rai added.
One of the passengers told GRP that the toilet had been locked since the train left on Saturday. Complaints of bad smell were also raised at the Sitapur train station, but the staff informed their counterpart in Roza where the door was finally smashed by GRP.

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