The result in the Pennsylvania Senate race would always have been so important – and the way it unfolded is truly remarkable.

The Democrats managed to overturn it from the Republicans.

Latest midterms: House and Senate compete on a tightrope as the red wave does not materialize

The vacancy was up for grabs due to the retirement of veteran Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

US President Joe Biden’s weak approval rating, rural Republican strongholds, the perceived draw of Trump’s Maga movement, and historical precedents were all reasons polls and pundits wondered if, surely, Toomey’s crown. it would be handed over to the new Republican candidate, Mehmet Oz.

The famous television doctor Mehmet Oz

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Tight margins in US mid-term legislation, but elections seem to fall short of a triumph for Republicans

Oz, after all, was a refined television personality. He had changed his political character a little, sometimes close to Trump, other times less.

Against Oz he was the opposite of the Pole. John Fetterman – the salt of the earth, man of the people, former suburban mayor of Pittsburgh wearing a hoodie.

The televised debate in this pivotal state was a disaster for Fetterman. Having survived a stroke, he sometimes struggles with the formation of sentences. It was a tough watch against the quiet Oz.

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But it turns out that voters preferred the local, lifelong committed politician to the smoothie who didn’t even live in Pennsylvania until recently.

A majority of voters rejected Oz’s Trump connection. They rejected his inexperience. They rejected his anti-abortion position. They rejected his doubt about the validity of the 2020 elections.

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The red wave does not emerge in the medium term in the United States

These are refusals that seem to be manifesting elsewhere as well.

Donald Trump has some thoughts to do after tonight.

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