Donald Trump May Soon Be Yesterday’s News As American Right-wing Media Turns To Ron DeSantis | News from the United States

“Trumpty Dumpty” – probably as much a political epitaph as a title.

When the New York Post put it on the front page, it wasn’t just about selling newspapers, but about creating the end of a career.

And it wasn’t just – burning ratings of Donald Trump and what did he mean by the Midterm 2022 echoed the media stable owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Consider this Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal editorial board opinion piece titled “Trump is the Republican Party’s Biggest Loser.”

“Mr. Trump has had political successes as president, including tax cuts and deregulation, but he has led Republicans to one political fiasco after another.”

There is talk of a “perfect record of electoral defeats” and it is reflected: “Perhaps by now the Republicans are fed up and tired of losing”.

It’s a livid critique from an influential voice in Republican circles and reflects the right-wing opinion that has become problematic for Donald Trump, literally overnight.

Fox News, so often so loyal, isn’t so much now. The comments and opinions have been openly critical, and the talent on air with a former president on speed dial can’t go away fast enough.

When Big Media recalibrates where power resides, so does Big Money. It’s a numbers game for deadpan Republican donors who won’t be impressed by their man’s stats.

Enter: The other man.

Ron De Santis, the governor of Florida, was repatriated this week with a large and augmented majority; he has long positioned himself for a race for republican leadership.

His New York Post title, after the midterm election, was “DeFuture”.

We are at the beginning, sure, but there are signs of a shift in gravity away from Trump, and not just in the media.

Republican politicians and associated gamers – content to hold their noses, squeeze pearls, and support Trump as he looked set to deliver – are openly discussing brand toxicity.

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“I would like to welcome fake news media”

Donald Trump’s “big announcement” is still scheduled for next Tuesday and media from around the world will descend on his Mar-a-Lago Florida resort.

In the days before the big announcement, the questions got bigger.


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