Mumbai: Drunk Aaftab Poonawala Spills Murder, Brags About ‘Dexter’-ity | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: food bloggers Aaftab Poonawalawho was investigated for killing his partner Shradda Walkar and cutting his body into 35 pieces in May, had dodged suspicion for months and could have gone on until he was trapped by Vasai policemen, who closely shadowed him and let himself go down during a long drunk for killing Walkar.


Poonawala, 28, who was summoned for questioning after October 6, when an inquiry made by Shraddha’s father Vikas about his missing daughter launched an investigation, had clearly hatched a plan to thwart the police. Poonawala, the prime suspect, did not hesitate to talk about his relationship with Shraddha, 26. check her. Sincerely, he has offered any help in tracking down Shraddha.
Police sources said that when he was allowed to go after questioning in October, Poonawala clearly felt confident. He left thinking he was playing a perfect double game: cooperating with the police in the search for his ‘dead’ partner.
When he was called in for a second round of questioning earlier this month, he made some contradictory statements. Alerted, the police intensified their surveillance but made it clear to Poonawala that the routine interrogations were over and that nothing suspicious had emerged. Sources said Poonawala visited a cafe in Vasai and during a binge he gave details of how he killed Shraddha. Poonawala spoke of being inspired by the American drama series ‘Dexter’ and his intense internet search for help cutting the body into pieces, the sources added.
When Poonawala left Mumbai the day after meeting police on Nov. 3, police warned his Delhi counterparts to keep an eye on him. The policemen landed at his home on November 10 and took him away for questioning. He is believed to have disclosed details of the murder and cover-up.


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