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BENGALURU: The priests of Karnataka have launched an appeal to the state government: to ban the use of mobile phones by devotees within the temple complex. According to them, loud and obscene ringtones disturb the purity and sanctity of places of worship.
There are around 34,000 temples, of which 350 are popular temples, across the state and the daily footfall numbers devotees in the thousands.

Ban on cell phones in K'taka temples, appeal to priests

The Federation of Hindu Temple Priests in Karnataka on Saturday delivered a memorandum to the minister for religious endowments (muzrai) Shashikala Jolle to enforce the ban. The minister promised members that he would discuss the matter with officials and make a decision.
Pointing to several instances where devotees’ use of cellphones has disturbed the serenity, the Archakas of the Federation of All Karnataka Hindu Temples, Agamika and Upadhivanta called for a total ban on temples governed by the muzrai department.
Chief secretary of the federation KSN Dixit he said several people were found misusing cell phones inside the temples. “People usually come to temples seeking peace and to sit in absolute silence. While we will offer prayers in a peaceful environment, vulgar ringtones not only spoil the mood but often lead to arguments, disturbing the overall mood. Different people were seen taking pictures of women and children and playing songs loudly while we sang hymns and shlokas. All this spreads misconceptions among the devotees and influences the faith of theists” Dixit She said.
The priests also expressed concern about the safety of the temples as cell phone users continue to click on the pictures of the offering box, the jewels of the deities.
“The department needs to step in and ensure that there is no disruption to religious activities or puja services inside the temples. Devotees can deposit their phones in the security locker at the temple entrance,” he added.
Shashikala Jolle told the media that there is currently a ban on priests using mobile phones during puja services. “In some temples, we have banned the use of cell phones or the clicking of photos inside the sanctum-sanctorum. However, I will hold a meeting with officials to determine whether we should impose a total ban on cell phone use or whether they should be deposited at the entrance.”


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