Robert De Niro: Woman arrested after breaking into actor’s New York home, source says


New York police arrested a woman who broke into Robert De Niro’s home early Monday, according to a law enforcement source.

The woman did not interact with the actor, who was on a different floor, the source said. The suspect is known to the New York Police Department from previous arrests and is one of five main burglars at the precinct, the source said.

Two law enforcement sources said Shanice Aviles, 30, was arrested Monday in connection with the burglary. She had already been arrested twice this month before Monday on various burglary charges in New York, a law enforcement source told CNN.

19th Precinct officers saw the woman walking down a street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side early Monday, trying different commercial building doors before breaking into the door of a residential building.

They followed and arrested her on the first floor, the source said.

At around 2:45 a.m., officers arrested the 30-year-old woman inside a residence as she attempted to remove property, a spokesperson for the deputy information commissioner told CNN. of the NYPD. The property included Christmas presents and an iPad.

The residence’s basement door showed signs of being broken into, the spokesperson said. The woman was taken into custody with charges pending.

The spokesperson did not confirm who owned the house.

The law enforcement source tells CNN the suspect in the case is “the poster child” for issues surrounding New State’s scrutinized and controversial bail reform changes. York.

Under New York State’s bail reform laws that were implemented in 2020, burglary was a non-releasable offense.

But due to pressure from police officials and New York City Mayor Eric Adams over recidivism in burglary and theft crimes, the law was changed to allow judges to set bail in cases where a person has been re-arrested for certain crimes against persons or property after being released for a similar offence.

Judges do not appear to apply this exception, according to a police source, based on what police see on the ground.

The woman had 27 arrests and two active warrants for failing to appear in court at the time of her arrest, the source said.

“This individual is literally the poster child for everything that is wrong with the system,” the law enforcement source said.

According to NYPD statistics, the criminal recidivism rate for burglary within 60 days in 2021 was 24%. Statistics from 2017, before the bail reform, show that the recidivism rate was 7%.

Current NYPD statistics from 2022 so far show the rate holding steady at 24%.


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