North Korea threatens to take strong military action against Japan

SEOUL: North Korea threatened on Tuesday to take “bold and decisive military action” against Japan as he criticized Tokyo’s adoption of a national security strategy as an attempt to turn the country into an aggressive military power.
The North’s statement came four days after Japan announced a security strategy that reflects its determination to possess a “counterattack” capability and double its military spending to gain a more offensive position against threats from China. and North Korea.
The North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Japan’s efforts to acquire counterattack ability has nothing to do with self-defense but is a clear attempt to acquire “a preemptive attack capability intended to launch strikes on the territories of other countries”.
“Japan’s senseless attempt to gratify its black-hearted greed – the enhancement of its military invasion capability under the guise of a legitimate exercise of self-defense rights – cannot be justified and tolerated,” a doorman said. -word of the unidentified ministry in a statement released by state media.
The statement accuses the United States of supporting and promoting Japanese military ambitions and undermining regional peace. He said such alleged US actions compel North Korea to work hard to carry out its plans to develop new strategic weapons to thwart enemy attempts to invade the North.
The statement said North Korea wants to ensure it can take “bold and decisive military action” to protect its sovereignty and national interests in the wake of regional security complexity caused by Japan’s security strategy. .
“Our country will continue to take action to show how concerned and unhappy we are with Japan’s unjust and greedy attempt to achieve its ambitions,” the statement said.
As in some other Asian countries, anti-Japanese feelings still run deep in North Korea because of Japan’s wartime atrocities. The Korean peninsula was under Japanese colonial rule from 1910 to 1945 before being divided into a US-backed capitalist South Korea and a Soviet-backed socialist North Korea at the end of World War II in 1945 .
North Korean state media regularly criticize the wrongdoings of Japanese colonization. Its Tuesday statement also said Japan inflicted “immeasurable misery and suffering on the Korean people” during colonial rule.
North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear-tipped missiles is a major security concern for Japan, as they are capable of reaching Japan as well as South Korea and the mainland United States. In October, North Korea fired an intermediate-range missile at Japan, forcing Tokyo to issue an evacuation. train alerts and stops.
The Japanese strategy names China as “the greatest strategic challenge” – ahead of North Korea and Russia – to Japan’s efforts to ensure peace, security and stability.


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