NEW DELHI: On the occasion of Christmas, world leaders – US President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Pope Francis wished a ‘Merry Christmas‘ to people all over the world.
“Jill and I hope everyone can spend time with family and friends this holiday season. We also hold a special place in our hearts for anyone who is missing during this time. From our family Cheers, we wish you a peaceful Christmas Eve,” Biden tweeted.
Meanwhile, Pope Francis tweeted: “Tonight God draws near to you because you are important to him. From the manger, as food for your life, he says to you: “If you feel consumed by events, if a feeling of guilt and inadequacy consumes you, if you hunger for justice, I am with you. #Christmas. Jesus asks us to go to the bare reality of things, to lay down all our excuses, our justifications and our hypocrisies at the feet of the manger. The one whom Mary has tenderly swaddled wants us to be clothed in love. #Christmas.”
canadian Prime Minister Trudeau also wished “joy, health, love and peace” and said he was “excited to gather around the Christmas tree and spend some quality time together”.
“Merry Christmas! Like millions of Canadians, my family is thrilled to gather around the Christmas tree and spend some quality time together. And as we look to the new year, we wish you joy too, health, love and peace,” tweeted Trudeau.
He also thanked the Canadian Armed Forces for protecting the country. “This year, I am thinking of Canadians who go the extra mile to make our country better. I think of the members of the Canadian Armed Forces who protect our country and the values ​​we share. I think of the doctors, nurses and first responders who work throughout the holidays. And I think of ordinary Canadians who are finding ways to show up for their friends and neighbors.
Trudeau said 2022 was a tough year; for many, this holiday season will not be easy. “But I’m confident that Canadians will continue to be there for each other in 2023 – because that’s exactly who we are,” he said.
Australian Prime Minister Albanese has declared Christmas to be a special time of year.
“It’s a day of giving. It’s a day of relaxing with family and friends. And for many Australians, it’s such a central day in their faith. Of course, not everyone can If you’re working because you’ve given your time to make Christmas better for your fellow Australians, whether you’re serving lunch to those in need or protecting our beaches, I want to express my gratitude and admiration.”
Thanking emergency service workers and the Australian Defense Force, he said: “The same goes for all our emergency service workers and of course all Australian Defense Force members, who ‘they serve here or far from home overseas Thank you everyone Whatever shape Christmas Day takes for you, may it be very happy and may Santa be kind to every child Merry Christmas .

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