The Jan. 6 committee released another batch of transcripts on Tuesday, including two more of its interviews with bestselling witness Cassidy Hutchinson and testimony from several other Trump White House officials.

The House committee has publicly released a slew of transcripts since releasing its final report on Thursday. Additional transcripts are expected to be released later this week from the panel’s more than 1,000 interviews conducted during its 18-month investigation.

The committee is releasing the transcripts publicly before disbanding at the start of the next Congress on Jan. 3, when Republicans take control of the House majority.

The committee has previously released depositions from former Trump administration officials, including Pat Cipollone, Hope Hicks, Ivanka Trump, Jeffrey Rosen, William Barr and Mike Pompeo.

Here are highlights from Tuesday’s batch of transcripts.

Hutchinson, the former aide to Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, told the committee several instances where discussions of QAnon conspiracies made their way to the White House.

In her June interview — the fourth she had conducted with the panel — Hutchinson described a discussion about QAnon during a December 2020 meeting with Meadows, former President Donald Trump, and Republican members of Congress, including the Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“I remember Marjorie Taylor Greene bringing up QAnon a couple of times, though, in the presence of the president, privately with Mark,” Hutchinson said. “I remember Mark also had a few conversations about – more specific to the QAnon stuff and more about the idea they had with the election and, you know, not so much about planning for the January 6 rally.”

In her May interview, Hutchinson said she also recalled Greene bringing up QAnon while Trump was in Georgia for a Jan. 4, 2021 rally.

“Ms. Greene came over and started telling us about QAnon and QAnon going to the rally, and she had a lot of voters who are QAnon, and they’ll all be there,” Hutchinson said. “And she was showing him pictures of ‘Them traveling to Washington, DC, for the rally on the 6th.’

Hutchinson also said Trump aide Peter Navarro would bring him election documents to take to Meadows. “And at one point I sarcastically said, ‘Oh, is this from your QAnon friends, Peter? Because Peter frequently told me about his QAnon friends,” Hutchinson said.

“He said, ‘Have you ever considered that, Cass? I think they point out a lot of good ideas. You really need to read this. Make sure the chef sees it,” she continued.

Rep. Liz Cheney, the top Republican on the panel, asked Hutchinson if Navarro was being sarcastic about his QAnon friends.

“I didn’t take that as sarcasm,” Hutchinson said. “Throughout my tenure as chief of staff, he would frequently bring in memos and PowerPoint presentations on various policy proposals that he would then develop, you know, ‘Q says this.'”

After Hutchinson parted ways with a Trump-funded attorney, her new attorney told the Jan. 6 committee she needed to clarify and “correct” some of her previous testimony, according to the newly released transcript of her June 2022 deposition. .

Hutchinson’s new attorney, Jody Hunt, told the committee that she wanted to clarify some things from her previous testimony, provide context, and “in some ways correct.”

“She wants to be clear on that,” Hunt said, thanking the committee for the opportunity to address Hutchinson’s previous testimony.

Hutchinson presented the committee with transcripts of her first two interviews to clarify and expand on a number of things she had said.

She then provided a significant amount of new and damning testimony about Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021.

This story will be updated with other key findings from the transcripts.

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