Chaos in the US House as Republican extremists block the nomination of Kevin McCarthy as new president | American News

Who is Kevin McCarthy and what are his goals if elected president?

Kevin McCarthy, 57, was first elected to Congress in 2006 and currently serves California’s 23rd House of Representatives district.

After winning $5,000 (£4,142) on a lottery scratch card aged 20, Mr McCarthy took all his money and invested it in opening a delicatessen, putting in college.

While attending California State University, Bakersfield, he interned for Congressman Bill Thomas, later becoming a member of his permanent staff.

After being elected to Congress, he quickly became Deputy Chief Whip and later served as Majority Whip. In 2014, he was elected Republican leader in the House.

In 2015, he suddenly withdrew his name from the race for Speaker of the House after resistance from the same kind of conservatives who have currently blocked his way on three ballots.

If elected president, McCarthy has planned to focus heavily on investigative efforts on the Biden administration under a Republican majority.

Ahead of November’s midterm elections, he unveiled a “commitment to America” ​​with four overarching goals: a strong economy, a secure nation, accountable government and freedom.

On foreign issues, Mr McCarthy said he wanted more control over spending to support Ukraine as it defended itself against the nearly year-long Russian invasion.


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