With wobbled seam, you never know how much it will do: Mohammed Siraj | Cricket News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: leader of India mohamed siraj said Sunday that the beauty of bowling with a wobbly seam is its unpredictability.
So much so that he doesn’t even know how much the ball will do after throwing. Siraj has been reaping the benefits of bowling with a flickering seam since discovering the art in 2018.
He picked up nine wickets in the ODI Series against Sri Lanka, providing India with much-needed wickets with the new ball.
“With a wobbly seam, I don’t know how much the ball will do or I don’t know the batter. Sometimes it goes right after the pitch, other times it can happen abruptly. Most of my wickets go through a wobble seam It’s effective for me and I’m confident it works for me,” Siraj said after the third ODI.
The skilled pacer said he used the wobbly seam after his natural inswinger gave up on him.
“The inswing was my natural earlier, but it stopped so I developed the outswing as well. When I didn’t have the inswing, I developed the wobble seam. It took a long time to become efficient and give me confidence. The more I played in the net the better I got. In the IPL I also talked to Dale Steyn for his outswing, which helped me a lot.
Siraj is successful in all formats and believes it’s all about executing line and length.
“When the IPL season went bad for me, I started focusing on white ball cricket. I worked on it and gained confidence. I stopped worrying about how my performance would flow, which it didn’t before. I started to just focus on executing the line and the length.”
Speaking about the Sri Lanka series, he said his plan was simple.
“The plan was to take the first wickets and put pressure on the opposition.”
Siraj is now looking forward to playing on his home turf on January 18 when India take on New Zealand in the inaugural ODI.
“It would be nice to play at home with my family, coaches and friends watching me,” he added.


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