Russian football teams are set to remain banned from European competitions as the war against Ukraine continues, according to Sky News.

Russia is also set to be stripped of hosting the UEFA Super Cup – the men’s showpiece game between the Champions League and winners of the Europa League – which was due to take place in Kazan in August.

Ahead of a UEFA executive committee meeting on Wednesday, Russian Football Union (RFU) leaders were due to hold talks with officials from European football’s governing body.

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Russian state media said Russian Football Union officials wanted to use the meeting to discuss the return of clubs and national teams to international tournaments.

But it is understood there is no immediate chance that UEFA will allow Russian teams to return as the war launched by Vladimir Putin continues.

UEFA wants to discuss the general state of Russian football and the national situation – preparing for the return of teams to its competitions if the war ends.

UEFA – with FIFA – suspended Russian teams last February until further notice, days after the launch of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The decisions were backed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in July after appeals were lodged by the RFU and the clubs.

This meant that Russia were barred from qualifying for the Men’s World Cup and participating in the European Women’s Championship last year.

Russia is also barred from qualifying for the 2024 Men’s European Championship.

The RFU did not respond to an email seeking comment, while UEFA declined to comment.

UEFA need a new host for their Super Cup match in August, with Kazan set to be stripped of the high-profile game. This follows the Men’s Champions League final won in St Petersburg last year.

Russia, which hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup, has raised the prospect of trying to quit European football and join the Asian Football Confederation.

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