Vladimir Putin: Russian pharmacies lack certain drugs

MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday there were shortages of some drugs in Russia and prices had risen, although the country was producing more of its own drugs.
While prescription drugs are exempt from Western sanctions imposed during the war in Ukraine, their delivery to Russia has been hit by transport, insurance and customs obstacles caused by the war and other restrictive measures, according to industry figures.
“There has been a shortage of some drugs, despite the fact that we saw the production of pharmaceuticals in the (first) three quarters of last year increase by around 22%,” Cheese fries said in a televised meeting with officials.
“Sixty percent of drugs on the market are national drugs. Nevertheless, a deficit has formed for some drugs and prices have increased,” he added.
Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, Russians rushed to stock up on drugs, with people buying a month’s worth of drugs in just two weeks .
Russia also imports much of its medical equipment, such as pacemakers and radiotherapy machines, from the European Union and the United States, and its dependence is particularly acute for the most complex and critical machines. .


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