Bolivian man survives 31 days in the Amazon jungle eating bugs and drinking his own urine | world news

A Bolivian hunter survived 31 days in the Amazon jungle eating insects and drinking his own urine.

Jhonatan Acosta, 30, was dehydrated, very weak and had foot injuries when he was found on Saturday, a month after he went missing.

He told Panamericana radio he lost contact with friends as they tried to reach a lagoon after hearing gold and diamonds were found there.

Wild pigs attacked him one night and bit his rubber boot, he told Panamericana.

He said he couldn’t see them but shot them, finding the next morning he had killed one, but because he had no knife or any means of making a fire he said he couldn’t eat the pig.

He said he also approached a few jaguars, but they ignored him.

Mr Acosta said he drank his urine after he was unable to collect rainwater.

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During the search, his family hired locals to search for him and planes to locate him in the thick forest. Mr Acosta said he saw the planes drop supplies, but he was never able to retrieve them.

He ran out of pistol rounds trying to get the attention of those looking for him.

Neighbors, friends and family members tracked down the hunter on Saturday.

He was greeted as a hero when he was brought back to his small town in the Baures jungle and is now in hospital recovering.


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