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The inaugural edition of the Women’s Premier League kicks off later today when Gujarat Giants face the Indians of Mumbai and the skipper of Gujarat Beth Mooney says his team is delighted, while emphasizing the fact that the WPL will become a path to the national team of Indian women cricketers.
“I think there’s a lot of excitement and there was a little discussion at the T20 Women’s World Cup about what the WPL was going to look like and I think everybody’s really excited and looking forward to it. go now,” said Beth Mooney, captain of the Gujarat Giants.
Asked about type of impact Women’s Premier League can have on young cricketers in the team and the tournament, Mooney, who is a two-time WBBL winner, explained that such a step can be life-changing for players.

“The game has evolved at a very rapid pace over the years, in Australia and around the world as well. I hadn’t made my debut in Australia until the end of my first WBBL season, and that gave me a lot confidence to be able to play on the world stage against some of the best players of the moment. So I think that’s what the WPL will do, it could offer young players a path to the Indian team and compete with the best ” , said the captain.
Mooney, who was among the players who joined the team a little late after the T20 Women’s World Cup, spoke about what she thinks will be essential for March to be a successful month.
“Understanding the personalities and how to work with them will be key, and I think the team that can do that best and get the most out of each other will go a long way towards success,” the captain said. further adding that it would be crucial to ensure that all team members feel valued and supported on the pitch.

The WPL will shine the spotlight on many of the tournament’s young players, and Mooney believes doing so step by step will be key to dealing with the pressures of the big stage.
“It’s easy to get caught up in the situation and the crowd, or if you’re playing against a really big international player, but if you only care about yourself, it will probably help you a lot to execute your skills and projects,” Mooney said.
“Play what’s in front of you, and play the game and not the people around you,” she added.
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