Saif Ali Khan reveals security guard not fired, reacts to 20 paps barging into premises of his building, asks, ‘Where do you draw the line?’ | Hindi movie news

In an unfortunate incident, Saif Ali Khan recently snapped back at the paparazzi when they followed him and his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan to the premises of their building. The couple had returned home from a party last night when they were greeted by nearly 20 popes outside their building. A little shocked by the scenario, Saif had made a snappy comment, “Aisa kariye aap humare bedroom mein aa jaiye (Do one thing, come to our bedroom).”
After the incident, some reports had claimed that Saif fired the building’s security guard and the actor was also planning to take legal action against the paparazzi for invasion of privacy. In response to the reports, Saif has now released a statement in which he clarifies that no one has been fired and no legal action has been taken.

Explaining what happened last night at 2am, Said said in his statement, “The building’s security guard has not been fired, it’s not his fault and no one is taking legal action against the paps because that’s not how they we want to do things However, the thing is they broke into the private property through the gate, past the security guard and completely invaded our space and shone 20 cameras and lights on us like it was their right to do so , and this is wrong behavior and everyone has to be within limits. We always collaborate with the paparazzi and we understand but outside the house, outside the gate, otherwise where do we draw the line?”
He continued, “That’s why I made the bedroom comment because they’d already crossed a line, so how many lines do you have to cross before it’s absolutely ridiculous. Dads shooting kids, while they’re doing extra curricula or any class, all this is not required the paparazzi can’t enter the school there are lines drawn and that’s all we’re saying and the rest of the noise and talk is because nobody knows what the truth is and everybody wants to sell something but this is the truth. and that’s all I have to say. Thank you.”
On the work front, Saif will be seen in Om Raut’s upcoming directorial Adipurush. We will see him play Ravana alongside Prabhas as Ram, Kriti Sanon as Sita and Sunny Singh as Laxman. The first teaser of the film came under heavy criticism for its cartoonish visuals and alleged misrepresentation of Lord Ram, Hanuman and Ravana.


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