Shinzo Abe: PM Modi, Shinzo Abe fathers of Quad: Former Australian PM | News from India

NEW DELHI: Calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe “fathers” of Quadrilateral Dialogue on Securityformer Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Saturday said the Square it is almost a unique product and the “world should be immensely grateful to both of them”.
Quad is a strategic security dialogue between four nations that includes India, the United States, Australia and Japan.
Speaking to ANI, Abbott said Quad is the world’s most important strategic development since the formation of NATO. He further stated that Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi are the only Asian leaders who could have started the Quad.
“So I think two fathers of Quad are Shinzo Abe and Modi and the world should be immensely grateful to both of them,” said the former Australian prime minister.
Speaking on the Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement, Abbott said, “It is getting stronger over time. The ECTA – Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement – which we finalized last year symbolizes this new strength.”
“I also think the ride of Australian ministers who have been in Delhi for the last couple of weeks – and the prime minister will be arriving in about a week – is also highly symbolic of the strength and the relationship,” he added.
Speaking of the relationship with New Delhi, the former premier said that India is an increasingly close strategic partner. India is a country that has always been a natural partner for Australia, he said.
Meanwhile, regarding his relationship with China, Abbott said, “Australia has nothing against the Chinese. They are everywhere, we just wanted to get ahead of the Communist Party of China, which is aggressively pursuing global domination. China is bullying all of its neighbors and casting a deeply malevolent eye on Taiwan. I have to say that any attempt by China to take Taiwan would be horrific by several orders of magnitude. It would be bigger than the conflict in Ukraine. We must collectively raise the cost for Beijing of any aggression across the Taiwan Strait”.
“I am confident that this will help showcase India not only as a regional power but as the world’s second democratic superpower. I think this is one aspect of India’s strategic and diplomatic era,” he said of the G20 presidency.
Yesterday, the former Australian prime minister, in the panel discussion on “Materials that matter: the battle for the security of critical supply chains” during the Raisina dialogue, said that China is weaponizing trade in a way that almost no other country ago.
The former Australian prime minister said China wants the whole world to depend on it, but it wants to be independent from the world.
“China wants the rest of the world to depend on it and wants to be completely independent for its part from the rest of the world. And this is part of the clearly stated goal of the CCP (Communist Party of China) to be the number one power in the world by mid-century. And I think we need to realize that China is weaponizing trade in a way that almost no other country does. So I think we need to be very aware of how exposed we might be,” Abbott said.


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