Happy Women’s Day 2023: What are the best jobs for women in tech? Discover

International Women’s Day 2023: Women have left their mark in the walks of life. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023, this week’s episode of TOI Business Bytes is dedicated to women in tech.
Has the glass ceiling been broken for women in tech? What are the best jobs for women in technology? Priya KanduriCTO and Vice President – Cyber ​​Security Services at Technologies of happier minds answers these important questions in this week’s TOI Business Bytes.
According to Priya, this is the best time for women to be in the tech field. She highly recommends it as a career field, and she also believes that if interested, women should start leaning towards technology from the moment they graduate. Check out the video below to learn about Priya’s picking the best jobs for women in technology:

Women’s Day 2023: Best jobs, career advice for women in tech

Priya also notes that while the glass ceiling has been shattered, there is still a long way to go for significant numbers of women to reach management positions across industries. While admitting that progress has been made, Priya says much more needs to be done.
“Lack of mentorship is a big challenge for women,” she believes. “The lack of a social and professional support system is a problem,” she adds.
On the subject of work-life balance, Priya complains that it is a constant challenge for women. “Women tend to feel more guilty about the struggle between work and life,” she says.
Talking about the success mantras for women entrepreneurs, Priya says that constant perseverance and strength are the key to success. Waste is part of being an entrepreneur, and market acceptance for a female entrepreneur isn’t so easy, she notes.
“Have a clear vision of the characteristics of the product and the market. Keep an eye on short- and long-term goals,” she recommends.


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