Colombia. Officials say 21 workers were killed at a coal mine in Colombia

BOGOTA: Rescue operations at a coal mine in central Colombia that collapsed earlier this week ended on Thursday and officials said the accident left 21 people dead.
The mine near the town of sutatusa collapsed on Tuesday evening following an explosion that blocked several of its entrances. Rescue teams worked nonstop for more than 30 hours to find survivors and recover bodies.
Nicolás García, the governor of Cundinamarca province, said nine workers survived the accident and were discharged from hospital, while relatives of the miners killed were receiving psychological support. Officials said all workers who were at the mine at the time of the accident had been located.
Colombian Mines Minister Irene Velez said on Thursday that the explosion was caused by methane gas inside the mine. She said the resort will remain closed until officials investigate how the blast happened.
Mining accidents are common in Colombia, especially in coal and gold mines. Last year, 117 accidents were recorded in mines across the country by the National Mining Agency, which indicates that 146 workers were killed in these incidents. (AP)
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