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NEW DELHI: While central security agencies believe the Punjab police could have tracked Amritpal Singh sooner, they are confident he has made his share of mistakes that could lead to his downfall.
The central security establishment has long pushed the Punjab government to launch a police action against Amritpal so as to curb its emergence as a popular and radical Sikh rabble-rouser. The strongest push came when Home Minister Amit Shah worried about Amritpalrising popularity of radical Sikh leader and inept handling of Ajnala incident by Punjab Police recently summoned CM Bhagwant Mann and asked him to take strict action against elements that seek to stir up separatist sentiments in the state. The day before meeting Mann, he had met with the governor of Punjab on the same issue.
The assessment is that there are sound reasons against Amritpal for not only fueling radical sentiments but also disrespecting the Constitution. In one of his statements he said that the Indian constitution is nothing more than a way to perpetuate the slavery of the Sikhs.

Another major mistake he may have made was threatening Shah with “a fate similar to Indira Gandhi” and Mann with “being in the way of ex-Punjab CM Beant Singh”.
Waaris Punjab De is alleged to be receiving funds from Pakistani agencies and his previous treasurer, Basant Singh Daulatpura, has reportedly had links to Pakistan. Now, Amritpal has taken over the accounts management of the WPD with the help of his uncle, making it a family affair,” an officer pointed out. Other “mistakes” Amritpal may have made is disrespecting the Guru Granth Sahib by using him as a shield while protesting the arrest of his aide accused of rape. “He Delivers hukumnama (orders) without following Sikh Rehat Maryada and does not involve Panj Piyaras in decision making. He considers himself the only savior of Sikhism even though he only adopted Sikhism six months ago,” an officer said.

78 arrested in action against Waris Punjab De group, Amritpal Singh still on the run : Punjab Police

78 arrested in action against Waris Punjab De group, Amritpal Singh still on the run : Punjab Police

Amritpal supporters had previously vandalized properties of gurdwaras. His “army” indulged in violence – essentially to protest the placing of chairs in gurdwaras for the elderly, calling it an insult to the Guru Granth Sahib – without caring about the action.
Inputs gathered by intelligence agencies since Amritpal became a “person of interest” after being appointed head of Waaris Punjab De, point to Avtar Singh Khanda, a UK-based radical Sikh activist associated with Khalistan TV, as his principal manager and also the architect behind his rise as a pro-Khalistan Sikh icon.
Khanda is said to be close to Khalistani terrorists Jagtar Singh Tara and Paramjit Singh Pamma associated with Babbar Khalsa International which is designated as a terrorist group under UAPA. An IPS official told TOI that these leaders have great influence in Amritpal. Amritpal is also said to have ties to Lakhbir Singh Rode, head of the International Sikh Youth Federation. Rode is wanted for arms smuggling and RDX, conspiracy to attack government leaders in New Delhi, and spreading hatred in Punjab.

Punjab police cancel Amritpal aide Singh's handgun license, opposition mocks Mann government

Punjab police cancel Amritpal aide Singh’s handgun license, opposition mocks Mann government

The central security establishment had alerted the Punjab government that Amritpal was being groomed and planted by Pakistan-based masterminds to revive Sikh militants in the state. His style of himself as Bhindranwale – right from copying his looks, from his mannerisms to public statements to moving with a private army of supporters – and his popularity on social media is not seen as “organic”. The assessment is that he may have been educated by outside forces like Pakistan’s ISI to make expressions and pose like Bhindranwale in order to strike a chord with the Sikhs.


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