Watch: Jemimah Rodrigues plucks a screamer to dismiss Hayley Matthews | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: athletic Jemima Rodrigues is known to be a live wire on the pitch and on Monday the 22-year-old was at her acrobatic best as she pulled off a terrific hold to dismiss the Mumbai Indians’ opener Hayley Matthews.
It was the table-top clash between the capitals of Delhi and Mumbai when Jemimah grabbed the screamer in the opening minutes of the contest.
The incident happened in Round 4 of the Mumbai rounds when Matthews muscled a Shikha Pandey delivery across the line, in an attempt to get him past the centre-back for a boundary.
Stationed inside the 30-yard circle halfway through, Jemimah quickly moved to her right and judged the ball in the air to perfection. Covering a good amount of ground, Jemimah then clung to the ball with both hands and then landed safely on the ground to complete a stunner.

The Mumbai table tops found themselves in shock at 46 for 4 at the halfway point against Delhi.
Mumbai has 5 wins and one loss so far in the season while second-placed Delhi has 4 wins and few losses in 6 games.


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