Netizens slam dental care brand Shark Tank India 2 for promoting ‘toxic work culture’ with their post of an employee saying, ‘Barely slept in last 30 days’

Shark Tank India 2 ended up with some impressive deals, one of which is the dental care company founded by Jatan Bawa AND Tushar Khurana. They received a huge funding of Rs 80 lakh from Pejush Bansal, Namita ThaparAND Vineeta Singh in 2021.

After the episode aired on the show, their sales increased and their inventory was replenished with massive orders on a daily basis. Recently, the brand shared a video of how they got busy with orders. However, the post highlighted their work culture which has been criticized since netizens as they called it ‘Toxic‘.

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Netizen’s reaction to the post

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of the brand’s Instagram account story which he wrote above: “Meet Sonu: Our Account Manager at Partner Warehouse. In the last 30 days he has hardly slept. He takes care of the entire order, packing and shipping.”
The user criticized the company and wrote, “for the millionth time, your startup employee who hasn’t slept well in 30 days is not a flex.”
Another user wrote, “They have raised a total of $3.7M in Series A funding, plus ₹80L investment on Shark Tank @peyushbansal @namitathapar @vineetasng are you funding startups exploiting his workforce? Is it not sufficiently funded to hire to meet the growing demand?”
While one user called them irresponsible, “The most irresponsible company for this week and forever too. Never use their products.”

Brand specification

The dental brand has even responded to users and clarified what they intended to share through their posts. They wrote: “We are extremely sorry if the post expressed the idea of ​​a toxic work culture. Our only reason was to applaud the people who extended their support when things went bigger than we expected. We deeply apologize if this indicated workplace toxicity.”
He also added: “We are sorry if our post came out incorrectly. The idea was not to glorify the toxic work culture, but to applaud the team that helped overcome the wave of Shark Tank. We did not anticipate a such love from clients despite being trained to the best of our abilities and are constantly hiring.”


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