Exclusive! I was getting congratulatory messages even before the MasterChef India finale took place, but I couldn’t reply, says winner Nayanjyoti Saikia |

Nayanjyoti Saikiathe 27-year-old of TinsukiaAssam is over the moon after winning the Master Chef India competition. “Actually I can’t hear anything about my win as I haven’t interacted with anyone since I won the show. Main abhi tak chhup ke baitha hoon,” an ecstatic Nayanjyoti shared.
However, the results leaked online about two weeks ago. So we wonder if he hasn’t received congratulatory messages from friends and family so far? “My family knew moments after I had won the show. For the first time, they stayed up late on the day of the finale to learn my results. Usually, where I am, the sun sets early and people do too. they go to bed early. But that day they all stayed up late at night to watch the show till the end. And yes, I got congratulatory messages, but I couldn’t reply then. Logon ko pata tha but I didn’t confirm mine victory to no one because I couldn’t do it until the episode aired on TV and everyone could watch the show,” she shared.

Nayanjyoti Saikia with the judges

Nayanjyoti Saikia with the judges

Nayanjyoti Saikia with the judges
Telling us about his journey on the show, the new Master Chef said, “First of all, mera selection hoga Master Chef India mein, maine aisa socha hi nahi tha kabhi bhi. I just came to audition and when I was selected, I got really emotional. Then I put the apron with my name on the show and I became even more excited. Every week I prayed bas ek aur hafta rukk jaon. However, when I reached the final, I had this confidence ki ab toh mera kuchh ho hi jayega. The thing i loved the most about this trip is that i got there cooked until the last day of the show.”
So what plans does he have now? “Now I will rest for two months. Then I would like to travel because I love to travel. Also, I would train further in the kitchen so that I can develop my skills more. After that, I want to open my own restaurant with the prize money,” she says.
However, Nayanjyoti reveals that initially his family didn’t approve of his decision to become a chef. “I cook from an early age, mostly for my friends in hostel. At home, I cooked occasionally. I had told my parents while studying engineering that I would take up hotel management after completing engineering as I was passionate about cooking. But my parents had then discouraged me from doing that. But I kept my passion alive with the help of the internet. But my father was always mad at me because he thought I was wasting my precious time. My parents always wanted me a government job for me. But now that I’ve won the show, I’m very happy and proud of my achievements,” she says.


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