Bluesky: why everyone is asking for an invitation to join Bluesky

SAN FRANCISCO: the buzz around Blue sky, a new social media platform called Twitter 2.0, was intense. Prominent Twitter users such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DD-NY and Chrissy Teigen, model and cookbook author, have joined. Thousands more ask to be invited.
Some Twitter users are looking for an alternative social platform from Elon Musk bought the company last year. Bluesky users say the app – which was funded by a Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey – came closest to mimicking the tone and feel of Twitter.
Bluesky is a social network that offers many of the same basic features as Twitter. Users can post short texts and photo updates, reply to each other and share other people’s posts. The app, which is still in development, became available for iOS devices in February and for Android devices in April.
Jay Graber, the chief executive of Bluesky, said in a blog post last month that it was no coincidence that the app resembled Twitter. But unlike Twitter, Bluesky plans to be a decentralized system, which means people will eventually be able to create their own apps and communities within it. Graber said it was designed this way so that no one individual could create rules for the entire Bluesky community.
Since Musk bought Twitter, he changed the service by removing restrictions on online speech on the platform and changing its verification practices. These have led to some user confusion, as well as an increase in misinformation. As a result, Twitter users tested alternatives. Some even migrated to Mastodon, another decentralized social media platform that said it aimed to be “a viable alternative to Twitter.” not


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