Russia’s operation in Ukraine difficult, says Kremlin spokesman

MOSCOW: Russia’s military operation against Ukraine is ‘very difficult’ but will continue, Tass news agency says Kremlin Wednesday, spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a Bosnian TV channel.
Russia has managed to seriously damage Ukraine’s military machine and that work will continue, he added in a lengthy interview in which he repeated many of Moscow’s talking points on the conflict.
Russian troops invaded Ukraine in February 2022 in what Moscow calls a special military operation and initially captured significant amounts of territory.
But Kyiv forces pushed back last year and are now planning another counteroffensive. Western authorities estimate that more than 200,000 Russian soldiers were killed or injured.
“The special military operation continues. It is a very difficult operation and, of course, some goals have been achieved in a year,” Tass said quoting Peskov.
Ukraine continues to bomb the Russian-occupied eastern parts of the country and Peskov said this demonstrated the need to continue the conflict and push back pro-Kyiv forces.
“We managed to beat the Ukrainian military machine a bit,” Peskov said, noting that Russia had launched countless missile strikes against what he said were military targets across Ukraine.
“This work will continue,” he said. Ukraine accuses Russia of targeting mainly civilian targets, a charge Moscow denies.


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